Intro to Sewing: Coming soon!
Intro to Sewing: Coming soon!

Intro to Sewing: Coming soon!

Instructor: Jessie Inglis

There are so many adorable, awesome things to sew these days! Plus, the fabric choices are stunning! With the skills learned in this class, you can make anything from sweet curtains to brighten your home, to hip tote bags to carry your beloved belongings.

In this class, you will learn how to make a cute drawstring bag. This bag can be used for anything from carrying another creative project, such as your knitting, to purchasing legumes at the market. 

You will learn to:

  • Decipher between the different weights of fabric and how they make a difference in your project
  • Learn sewing related vocabulary
  • Cut fabric (on grain)
  • Sew straight seams
  • Decide which stitch length to use
  • Understand your sewing machine
  • Use tools related to sewing: shears, pins, needles, etc, marking tools.
  • Tips and tricks for making future projects

Required skills: None! Just an interest in sewing.

What to bring to class:

  • Sewing machine*
  • 100% cotton fabric, quilting weight. 1/2 yard.
  • Coordinating cotton thread
  • Fabric scissors, pins.

* If you need to rent a sewing machine for use during class, please add Sewing Machine Rental to your cart along with your class. Call the shop with any questions 510-595-8372.

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1 session / 4 hours

Class Date: Coming soon!

Class Time: 1:30-5:30pm

Price: $60 with 24 hour advance reservation / $70 walk-in

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• Sewing Machine Rental - 0 Available

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