Seam Allowance: Make 25% of Your Own Clothing

Clothing provides a way to keep ourselves warm, to express our values, and to express what we believe to be beautiful.

Take the pledge! To make (at least) 25% of your own clothing. 

Whether you are already making 25% of your own clothing and would like to take your process to the next level - or - you are new to making and would like the support of the group towards making 25% of your own clothing, all are welcome. 

You can also take the pledge on the behalf of someone else, like a child, or someone else you'd like to make clothing for. 

Every process used in the creation of textiles are welcome: knitting, sewing, weaving, felting, crocheting, etc. As long as you are using the techniques towards making garments, you are welcome to join us.

As a member of Seam Allowance, and by taking the pledge, you receive the following: 

  • A monthly Seam Allowance Meet-Up, where you will:

    • meet others who have taken the pledge

    • show off what you have made

    • share your goals and clothing making aspirations

    • share and learn about resources to help you with your garment making goals

    • come to be inspired and to inspire others

    • learn tips and tricks to use in the clothing making process

    • hear guest speakers, visit studios in the area, and have fun!

  • Special member discounts for materials and for classes

  • A fancy membership card

  • NEW! Open studio time just for members, 4-6pm on first Saturday of the month

  • NEW! Advance notice and registration for upcoming special events related to garment making 


Seam Allowance Meet-Up is always the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Time: 5:30-7:30pm 

Price: yearly membership $75 / per meeting payment $10 

Check out the Seam Allowance Blog, to read about how Seam Allowance was started, why it was started, and more!