Drop Spindle Tricks, Tips, & Techniques: Coming Soon

Instructor: Michael Wade

Over the course of 3 hours, Michael will teach you how to spin more effectively and efficiently on your drop spindle. This is a great class if you have just taken the intro to drop spinning class and would like to continue brushing up on your skills - or you learned to drop spindle some time ago, and would like to get back into it. Plus, we have decided to offer this class a la carte. Jump in and choose what specifically interests you - or - spend the afternoon with Michael and learn the gamut. Spinning fiber included in price of class.

For all of the below classes, please bring 2 top whorl drop spindles, one spindle filled with singles ready to ply.

Prereq: Intro to Drop Spinning class or 10 hours practice.

Date: Sunday, April 15th

Lab 1: Achieve a Worsted and Woolen Spun Yarn
There is more than 1 way to spin a yarn, and Michael will show you how. Moreover, different styles of spinning creates different types of yarn. Learn why one type of yarn is more suitable for say socks than scarves.

Lab 2: Explore ways to manage your fiber supply
One of the biggest tricks to spinning more efficiently on your drop spindle is learning how to manage your fiber and your newly spun yarn. Michael will teach you how to use your hands and arms to create an even longer yarn, and then to wind it on your spindle. He will also teach you how to wind your yarn onto your spindle so you can wind as much possible yardage onto your spindle.

Lab 3: Expand your knowledge of Joining and Plying
Are frayed joins getting in your way? Learn and practice creating smooth joins. In addition to the various spinning draws, there are also a number of ways to ply, learn about them, and learn how you like to ply best. Plying methods covered: center pull ball, Andean plying, and more.


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