Sarah and Rebekah's Picks in Horizon

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 Sometimes our job is pretty fun. Like when Kristine sends us emails late at night, asking if we can all make a pattern of our choice in Horizon. Getting our hands on Horizon before everyone else was immensely satisfying. So, when we gushed about the yarn before revealing it to customers, we were truly speaking from experience. 



my Ymonag in the making

Personally, I loved seeing each staffer's unique vision of how to use the yarn. A couple themes emerged. We made textural accessories that used one or two skeins, and a few people chose to bring out the dyed colorways by complimenting them with one of un-dyed shades. Here are a couple highlights:

 Sarah OJ's Pick: Robin, by Lee Meridith 


Sarah saw the potential in Horizon right away. She chose something modern and eye-catching, that still showed off the yarn's natural woolly texture. She opted for a modified version of Lee Meridith's Robin shawl, that takes only one skein each of Horizon Wolf Lichen and Tree Fort. Known around the shop for being the most thorough, and considerate, member of the team, Sarah of course posted her pattern modifications in detail on her Horizon Robin project page.

Rebekah's Pick: The Lonely Tree Shawl, by Silvia Bo Bilvia


Rebekah took Horizon in another direction. Since Horizon is as soft as it is rugged, she played up that contradiction with a classic lacy shawl. As feminine as it is, Rebekah's Horizon Lonely Tree Shawl is anything but delicate. It's sure to become a wear-everywhere staple in chilly weather, especially in a warm neutral like Horse's Mane. Lonely Tree also takes only two skeins, and Rebekah's sample turned out so yummy, it's compelled another staffer, Jessie, to cast on her own.

You can see all the great staff projects on the AVFKW Ravelry page, and show us yours on our discussion board. What are you casting on with Horizon? -HD