Flax & Twine Giant Crochet Star Garland Kit

We love this new Giant Crochet Star Garland. The stars are 5.5" and 8" wide and are beautifully sculptural in the Flax & Twine Flax Cord. These are easy to make and quick to do. They use the same pattern as the Tiny Star Garland, only with bigger cord and hook!

You can make a string of them or you can make them as single ornament. These stars are great to decorate a tree, a window, and gifts. And once the holidays are over, use them to adorn a special place in your home or office. Either gift the completed stars or gift the kit to the special person in your life who crochets.

Anne Weil, the voice and creative mind behind Flax & Twine, is a maker and lover of beautiful things who makes how-to videos, kits, patterns, tools, and fiber to endlessly delight you in your quest for a happy handmade life.

1 spool of cord makes approx 3 grande and 3 petite stars with 3" of chain between to connect them all. There are two colors available: Ivory and Stone.

This kit includes:
2 spools Flax & Twine 3mm Flax Cord
Size P (11.5mm) Crochet Hook
Color Step-by-Step Photo of Crochet Star Garland Pattern

Looking for a smaller version - check out the Flax & Twine Tiny Crochet Star Garland Kit.