Dyed in the Wool
Label:Cold Comfort
Label: Miss Me
Label: Sugar High
Label: Wallflower
Label: Midsommar
Label: Nostalgia
Label: Wololo
label: Devilish Grin
Label: Stay Out of the Forest
Label: Sunset Strip
Label: Rusted Rainbow
Label: Mississippi Marsala
Label: Castaway
Label: The Castle
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Label: Small Wonder - Verb Custom Color
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Label: Burning Sensation
Label: Frosty Night
Label: Overshadow
Label: Absolute Zero
Dyed in the Wool
Dyed in the Wool
Dyed in the Wool
Dyed in the Wool
Dyed in the Wool
Dyed in the Wool
Dyed in the Wool


Dyed in the Wool

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100% American Superwash Wool
200 yards / 50g
Sport Weight

8 units left
Small Wonder is a custom color made especially for AVFKW.

Spincycle Yarns has an incredible backstory, beginning in 2004, Kate and Rachel were hand-dyeing AND hand-spinning all of their yarn. They continued in this way until 2012 when they could no longer keep up with production, but were conscious of finding a mill that would honor their DIY process and stay true to their original vision.

Fast forward to today, they have now created their own mill in Bellingham, Washington! And still hand-dye everything, in the wool, which results in the most beautiful and unique color changes and combinations. In their words (which we love) "every skein is one-of-a-kind, like us, like you".

Vendor Gauge: 32 - 20 stitches over 4" | Suggested Needle: US 2 (2.75mm) - US 7 (4.5mm)

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Please note, the color transitions are slow and dramatic. Each skein is truly one of a kind, please allow and expect for the skeins you receive to vary from one to another. When ordering multiple skeins, we will send you the same dyelot. Please order as much yarn as your project requires as it will be difficult to match the dyelot in the future. Thank you!