Luwuk Handspun Cotton Fabric

Made by Batik Mak Kasmi women's cooperative in Luwuk, East Java, this textile, called Jarit, is made from locally grown, handspun white cotton and then handwoven on backstrap looms. Luwuk, a community that works with Threads of Life, is one of the few remaining Indonesian communities where naturally dyed textiles are made and used. Jarit is traditionally worn wrapped twice from shoulder to opposite hip as a sling. The threads used to weave the indigo-dyed cloth were first dyed and then woven - creating a cloth that has more depth and nuance then fabric that is dyed after being woven. If you look closely at the photos, you can see small flickers of single threads slightly lighter blue. So beautiful.

This cloth's hand and weight would make a gorgeous a shirt, pants, or a dress. Use it for mending, piecework, artwork, or home wares. An project that asks for something incredibly special.

Kristine and Adrienne visited Threads of Life in Indonesia to learn about plant mordanting techniques using symplocos and dyeing with local plants while researching their second book on natural dyeing, Journeys in Natural Dyeing. Threads of Life partners with over 1,000 women in more than 35 cooperative groups on islands from Kalimantan to Timor, making field visits and engaging in commerce to help support Indonesian communities.

Read more about natural dyeing and traditional textile production in Indonesia in Journeys in Natural Dyeing. Kristine and Adrienne include a section on the work that Threads of Life does in the book and look deeper at the steps used to mordant and dye with natural plants. Click here to purchase a copy of the book.

Natural and indigo dyed fabric are available.

Natural Luwuk Handspun
Material: 100% cotton
Fabric Width: 31.5"
Price per 1/4 yard: $17.37
Price per yard: $69.50

Indigo Dyed Luwuk Handspun
Material: 100% cotton
Fabric Width: 31"
Price per 1/4 yard: $23.75
Price per yard: $95.00

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