AVFKW x Dropcloth - Original Embroidery Sampler Kit


Embroidery is the sketching and painting of the textile world. With a needle and thread, there are endless opportunities to express yourself. In addition to acting as a canvas for your artistry, embroidery can also function as a form of mending; adding stability and life to garments.

Whether you want to capture the world around you or create a dream world, the first step is to learn the basic stitches. We turned to Rebecca Ringquist of Dropcloth Samplers to lead the way. Rebecca, a Portland-based artist, has created a series of pre-printed (with permanent ink) samplers inspired by her sketches.

The Original Sampler is a great place to start your embroidery adventures. The accompanying instructions will show you how to create four stitches: running, back, chain, and french knots. Plus, Rebecca has classes on Creativebug, an online learning platform where you can watch how-to create such stitches (and combine these stitches to make even more stitches). We have included a discount code for her classes with your kit!

The thread included in this kit is dyed with plants in our Oakland studio.

Kit includes:
+ Dropcloth Original Sampler (10" x 12")
+ 7" or 8" Embroidery Hoop
+ Five hanks of AVFKW naturally-dyed embroidery thread
+ Embroidery needle

Additional items:
+ Sharp scissors
+ Beeswax to help thread your needle - optional
+ Additional colors of AVFKW embroidery floss or sashiko thread - optional
+ Additional embroidery needles - optional


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