AVFKW X Making Magazine - The Sketch Quilt Kit

The Sketch Quilt sewing pattern is one of many projects featured in Making 6 / Black and White. In the magazine, Kristine, the designer of this project and co-owner of Verb writes:

When I approached this project, I wanted to use a sewing technique which would lend itself to the act of sketching. This is not so much an exercise in matching corners and seams as one might find in more traditional quilting, instead, it is about playing with design, balance, and the scale of the chocolate brown woven fabric versus the plain white fabric. I landed upon the free-form technique of strip piecing (sometimes referred to as strip quilting). I went for a more minimalist approach, but your sketch and quilt may be denser, with more strips, creating more lines. The technique of strip piecing is easily adaptable.

We have several kit options available! Kristine's sample in the magazine was made with the Khadi - Black kit. The organic cotton khadi cloth in this kit is hand-spun, hand-woven, and naturally dyed in India. There are also khadi kits available in Acacia (brown) and Indigo (blue). 

Two newer additions include naturally dyed batik and khadi fabric for the accent fabrics. The batik fabric is naturally-dyed by a women's collective in Java, Indonesia, named Batik Tulis Kebon Indah. Each pattern is hand-drawn onto the fabric with a tool called a canting and hot wax. The fabric is then dyed. The steps of applying wax and dyeing are repeated approximately 12-20 times before the wax is finally removed from the fabric, completing the process, and revealing the magical swirling layers of line and color. The color options are a Warm palette and a Mahogany / Indigo palette (due to variations, fabrics may not be an exact match to the photo).

Please note, this kit does not include instructions. Please purchase a copy of Making Magazine No. 6 Black and White or add the Sketch Quilt Pattern PDF to your cart below.

The Sketch Quilt kit includes enough fabric to create one 42" x 54" quilt:
- 1 ¾ yds [1.6 m] of 44" [1.1 m] wide Fabric A; 100% cotton white double gauze
- 3 ¼ yds [3 m] of 44" [1.1 m] wide Fabric B; 100% cotton off-white khadi
- (4) ⅛ yds [11.4 cm] each of 42-44" [1.1 m] wide Fabrics C-F; 100% cotton (khadi or batik)
- sashiko needles
- sashiko thread

Supplies you will need (not included in kit): 
Making No. 6 Black and White or Sketch Quilt Pattern PDF (add to your cart below)
- 1.25 yards cotton batting (at least 54" wide)
- Acrylic quilting ruler
- Rotary cutter and mat
- Pins
Hera marking tool
- White cotton thread
- Sewing machine
- Iron
- Safety pins (for basting)
- Sewing needle

Order from the drop-down menu below:
The Sketch Quilt Kit (Khadi - Black) (kit only, no instructions) - $110
The Sketch Quilt Kit (Khadi - Acacia) (kit only, no instructions) - $110
The Sketch Quilt Kit (Khadi - Indigo) (kit only, no instructions) - $110
The Sketch Quilt Kit (Batik - Warm Palette) (kit only, no instructions) - $110
The Sketch Quilt Kit (Batik - Indigo / Mahogany) (kit only, no instructions) - $110
Sketch Quilt Pattern (PDF) - $8