AVFKW x Making Zine - The Secret Garden Scarf Kit


The Secret Garden Scarf is one of many projects featured in Making No. 5 / Color. In the magazine, Kristine, the designer of this project and co-owner of Verb writes:

"I adore the first change in season. Such as when Winter melts away, the sun’s rays growing in length, and the Earth begins to awaken. The buds on plants and trees in my garden begin to bloom. I find myself drawn to the garden. Even in the early stages of Spring I am already dreaming of how the garden will fill with shades of green, dappled sunlight, and little pops of color. Soon as the leaves fill in, and the days grow longer, we are eating meals surrounded by our plants. Having tea. Reading books and thinking about what kind of color in the form of dye may be hiding in those plants."

In this project, Kristine uses marigold petals to dye a silk scarf. This process is easy and so rewarding - truly a wonderful way to carry Summer's bounty of color all year long. This project is a two-step process: mordanting and dyeing. Mordant is the process of applying a binder to the fabric and results in color that is colorfast. The dye, in this case, marigold petals, attach to the mordant. All the tools requested for this project are commonly used in the natural-dyeing process, so ones you will repeatedly use, and provide a good base to start a natural dyeing practice.

We have created kits using the same materials Kristine used in her project.

As some people want to jump directly into the dyeing process, we have created an option where we mordant the scarf for you.

Option 1:
- one, unmordanted, 33" x 33" silk scarf
- mordant
- seed packet
- dowel
- button craft thread

 Option 2:
- one, mordanted, 33" x 33" silk scarf
- seed packet
- dowel
- button craft thread

You can also purchase additional scarves and dried marigolds (choose from the dropdown menu), in the case you do not have access to fresh marigolds, to supplement your kit.

Supplies you will need to complete this project:
- Making No. 5 (for the instructions) - (PDF coming soon)
- measuring spoon
- 3-5 quart stainless steel pot with lid
- tongs or chopsticks
- timer
- Thermometer (recommended)
- fresh flowers (marigolds, cosmos, and coreopsis are great!)
- scissors

If you would like to dive deeper into natural dyeing, check out the two books we have written: The Modern Natural Dyer and Journeys in Natural Dyeing.