Cocoknits Rustic Linen Four Corner Bag + Leather Handles

The Rustic Linen Four Corner Bag is sold in two parts.  To order both the four corner bag and handles, please add both to your cart.

The Cocoknits Rustic Linen Four Corner Bag is so chic - we love the way you could use for anything from your farmer's market haul to you sweater project. The square bottom that's created by the seams make a deep and wide bag that's super study and machine washable!

Small Bag dimensions: 13.75” / 35cm square
Medium Bag dimensions: 16.5"/42cm square
Large Bag dimensions: 19.25" / 49cm square

Just add the Cocoknits Leather Handles (sold separately) or your own handles - you could sew them in or make your own! - and you'll be set to go. You don't need any hardware or to do any sewing to add these handles to the cloth bag, and since they tie on, you can remove them when you need to throw the linen bag in the wash (brilliant!)

The leather handle kit (all vegetable tanned leather) includes:

- 2 leather straps (16"/41 cm x 0.5"/13mm)
- 4 leather "washers" (1"/2.5 cm x 0.5"/13mm)
- 4 leather cords (2 mm x 5"/12.5 cm)
- Instructions for attaching to a bag
- Instructions for sewing your own cloth bag