Merchant & Mills Needles + Pins

25 Finest Needles
Quality needles in an array of sizes and portable packaging. Includes 25 assorted fine sewing needles in pack with threader.

Couture Gold Needles - Coming Soon!
Very sharp and smooth, traditionally used in embroidery but also perfect for dressmaking. Plated in 24K gold. 30mm x 0.60mm. Approximately 150 pins per box.

Easy Thread Needles
Needles that are loop thread and sprung into action for the hard of seeing. This clever turned wooden case fits in any bag or pocket. 12 assorted size easy thread needles per wooden case.

Entomology pins
Spare the butterflies and use these ultra fine black pins for your silks and antique cloths. Merchant & Mills are proud to have sourced the finest, blackest pins. 38mm x 0.45mm. 100 pins per box.

Glass Headed Pins
Glass headed pins in a multitude of colors to suit your every mood. Super sharp, easy to see, and if your iron happens to touch them, they won't melt! 30mm x 0.60mm. 100 pins per box.

Lace Pins
These short redheads come all the way from the oldest pin factory in Spain. Traditional lace making pins that were originally color coded for following a pattern but we like them just in flame red! 0.59mm x 26mm. Approximately 200 pins per box.