Merchant & Mills Japanese Selvedge Denim

Traditional selvedge denim made in Japan with a white and red selvedge. Selvedge denim can be identified easily by the white and colored stripe. The jeans will be more durable and long lasting thanks to being self-edged and generally, due to the unique stitching, are more distinctive from other jeans. Selvedge denim jeans will keep their shape no matter how many times you wash them. This cloth is likely to soften and lighten in color over time with continual washing. Wash at 30 degrees on the gentle cycle.

Red Edge
Material: 98% cotton, 2% elastane.

Fabric Width: 31" (79 cm)
Weight: approx. 9oz
Price per 1/4 yard: $6.25
Price per yard: $25.00

Deep Ink Edge
Material: 100% cotton
Fabric Width: 32.6" (83 cm)
Weight: approx. 12oz
Price per 1/4 yard: $6.25
Price per yard: $25.00

You can purchase fabric in 1/4 yard increments. The amount available refers to how many quarter yard increments are available.

To choose the amount you want enter whole yardage in first drop down box, partial yardage in second drop down box. Example: If you would like 3.5 yards, enter "3" in first drop down box, and "1/2" in second drop down box.