Mushroom Lover's Bag Kit

Whether you like to forage for mushrooms or just adore them, we have a beautiful kit for you.

This kit will delight embroiderers and mushroom lovers alike - it includes:
6 hanks of AVFKW naturally dyed embroidery floss in the Mushroom Lover's palette
+ One
 large Cocoknits Rustic Linen Four Corner Bag (19.25" / 49cm square)
+ One set of Cocoknits Leather Handles
+ a PDF illustration of the mushrooms by Kristine Vejar

Required Tools:
Hera marker
Marking pencil (Sewline recommended)
Embroidery needles (Tulip recommended)
9" Embroidery hoop

When you are finished embroidering the bag, use the bag for foraging, trips to the farmer's market, or holding your favorite in-progress project.

You can now see tutorials on how to transfer the pattern onto the bag and how to create the stitches used by referring to the highlight on our Instagram page titled Mushroom Lover.


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