AVFKW x Embroidered Animals - Owl & Moon Pouch Bundle

Make these sweet Owl & Moon pouches using the wonderful embroidered world of Yumiko Higuchi's book Embroidered Animals (sold separately).

Perfect as sachets, coin holders, ornaments, gift pouches, home decoration, or individual advent day holders, the Owl & Moon pouches are versatile and will brighten any moment with whimsey and naturally dyed color. 

We have put together a lovely bundle of naturally dyed embroidery floss, fabric, naturally dyed ribbon, an embroidery hoop, and an embroidery needle that will give you what you need to complete two pouches. You can purchase extra fabric if you wish. See additional colors of Essex yarn dyed fabric here.

Yumiko Higuchi's book Embroidered Animals, which includes the Owl & Moon pouch instructions and illustrated schematics is sold separately. Please add this to your cart for a complete kit.

The floss included in this the Owl & Moon Pouch Bundle is dyed with plants in our Oakland studio.

Kit includes:

+ six colors of AVFKW naturally-dyed embroidery floss
+ enough floss, fabric, and naturally dyed ribbon to complete two pouches
+ one embroidery hoop
+ one embroidery needle

Additional items required to complete this project:
+ Embroidered Animals book by Yumiko Higuchi
+ scissors
+ sheet of tracing paper (such as Blick Studio Tracing paper)
+ pink sheet of Clover “Chacopy” Tracing paper (for transferring the image)
+ pencil
+ thread (for hand or machine sewing)
+ Beeswax to help thread your needle - optional
+ Additional colors of AVFKW embroidery floss or sashiko thread - optional
+ Additional embroidery needles - optional