AVFKW X Making Magazine - The Daydream Beach Blanket Kit

*** The Daydream Beach Blanket Kit is to order and will be ready to ship or pick-up 1 week from time of order. ***


The Daydream Beach Blanket Kit by Kristine Vejar, co-owner of AVFKW // featuring fabric and indigo vat supplies.

Imagine yourself sitting on this blanket on the beach, with your favorite friend, pet or book - every so often staring off into the distance - or up at the sky, daydreaming. When the day is over, fold and roll the blanket into a tidy bundle and secure with the attached strap. 

With the Daydream Beach Blanket Kit, you can learn the indigo vat process and create your own indigo dyed blanket with the blue, rectangular shaped designs. We have created kits using the same materials Kristine used in her project! What's more, the indigo vat that you will make with these supplies has enough indigo in it to dye many more textiles from around your house in addition to your beach blanket: clothing, fabric, towels, bags, etc.

Finished measurements:
Approximately 76" long x 53" wide [193 cm x 134.6 cm] 

Kit contents:
- 2 ¼ yd [2.06 m] of heavy, unbleached 100% linen fabric
- Twill tape
- Sashiko thread
- All the supplies needed to create an indigo, ferrous sulfate, and limestone indigo vat
- (2) 5 ½” [13.97 cm] x 7” [17.78 cm] wooden or acrylic block 
- Sashiko needles

Supplies you will need (not included in kit):
- Making 11 - Dawn (click to add)
- (1) 4” [10.16 cm] C-clamp 
- 10-12 clothespins (recommended) 
- 2 tablespoons [15 g] of vinegar or ¼ teaspoon [1.6 g] citric acid 
- 1 ½-gallon (500-ml) mason jar
- Liquid measuring cup
- Small whisk (recommended to dissolve indigo)  
- Spoon (white color is recommended)
- Thermometer (recommended) 
- (2) 5-gallon bucket (one bucket for pre-wetting and neutralizing and one bucket for indigo-dyeing)
- Sewing machine 
- Sewing thread - red and grey 
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Iron + ironing board (recommended)
- Pins
- Seam gauge 


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