Cocoknits Maker’s Board + Accessories

*** 10/21/21: Rulers and magnets are preorders and will be ready to ship or pick up on Tuesday, 10/26.

Thank you! ***


The Maker's Board is the latest addition to the Cocoknits washable paper collection and is a folding stand for following patterns or instructions of any kind.

One side of the folder props up for display, held with magnets, so the angle is completely adjustable. The strong, small magnets also hold papers and small tools, such as the new Cocoknits Magnetic Ruler & Gauge, against the internal metal sheets, and keep project instructions and tools at the ready.

The Maker's Board, size 11" x 9" when folded, it is available in two colors: Kraft or Grey.

It comes with the following items:
+ 4 round magnets coated with biodegradable plant material - no plastic here!
+ 2 small, round magnets to hold tools such as the Cocoknits row counter, stitch markers, snips, and cable needles.
+ 3 strong, rectangle magnets
+ 1 linen drawstring bag

Optional, additional items:
+ 6 Colorful Magnets - coated in biodegradable plant material
+ Magnetic Ruler & Needle Gauge - made in biodegradable plant material, with magnets attached to the back.

The Maker's Board with neutral magnets is sold separately from the Colorful Magnets and the Magnetic Ruler & Gauge. To order the Maker's Board and accessories, please add each item to your cart.