AVFKW - Horizon


A Verb for Keeping Warm
100% organic New Mexico Rambouillet wool
50 g / 160 yards 
Light Worsted weight


4-5 sts per inch, US needle 5-7
Hand wash only with pH neutral soap

Natural, undyed colors: lighthouse, sourdough, horse's mane, tree fort, mocha, grizzly peak, quill, nest

Patterns which use this yarn:

A Beer on the Dock Hat by Thea Colman
Anchor Steam Hat by Thea Colman
Bouquet Sweater by Junko Okamoto
Bouquet Scarf by Junko Okamoto
Coastline Cap by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Easie Beanie by Brandi Cheyenne Harper
Ebbetts by Elizabeth Doherty
Eucalyptus Sweater by Junko Okamoto
Granite Ridge Hat by Kristine Vejar
Hearthstone by Ysolda Teague
Hanikamu Mitts by Angela Tong
Horizon Cuffs by Ysolda Teague
Iberian Discovery Shawl by Stephen West

Koray by Shannon Okey
Indigo Wedge Cardigan by Cocoknits
Molly Sweater by Cocoknits
Morning Coffee sweater by Amy Herzog
Nieve sweater by Cocoknits
Nightfall Cowl by Kristine Vejar
Number 9 sweater by Cocoknits
Papa Sweater by Junko Okamoto
Pisco Punch hat by Thea Colman
San Pablo Cowl by Huelo Dunn
Sarah sweater by Cocoknits
Sustanence Slippers by Andrea Mowry
Tevara sweater by Paula Pereira
Tin Roof by Nellknits
The Botanist by Thea Colman
The Curve sweater by Annie Rowden
The Setting Sun by Junko Okamoto
Triangulate Cowl by Bristol Ivy
Viriditas shawl by Annie Rowden
Wild Feather Mitts by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Viriditas Farm, Brooks, California
Farmer: Sally Fox

Sally Fox's farm is unique in its sole dedication to creating raw materials to make textiles. And to grow them, both wool and cotton, organically and bio-dynamically. To grow materials for the specific purpose of making textiles, rather than for industrial uses or bedding, means spending much more time tending to fine details; the length of the fiber, cleanliness, and yield, so that the materials work well with the machinery, and will make a long-lasting and beautiful shirt or sweater. Sally has given great care to raising the sheep used in Pioneer, in turn, making a beautiful base for which we could make this yarn.

This yarn forms the basis of our California Wool Project; our attempt to revitalize the California wool industry. Every year, in Northern California, thousands of pounds of wool fleece are discarded. Our goal is to support farmers, US mills, and to create a yarn, year after year, which yields 5 stitches per inch for the perfect sweater.

In 2013, we created our first batch of yarn using Sally's wool. This was a momentous occasion for us as it was our first farm yarn - and it was the beginning of our collaboration with textile-farmer Sally Fox. We named this yarn Pioneer due to Sally’s innovative and progressive farming practices as she practices organic and bio-dynamic farming, and has worked tirelessly to raise naturally colored wool and cotton in alignment with the health of the Earth. She has given so much to the American textile community and beyond for over thirty years. 

As of August 2019, we have changed the name of Pioneer to Horizon. The name Pioneer is problematic and has negative colonialistic connotations that we would like to avoid and not associate with such an amazing yarn. Though originally trying to convey the innovative spirit of the farmer, the name Pioneer can be seen as a glorification of the atrocities white settlers afflicted against Native Americans. We are part of an incredible community at Verb and want to be respectful of the indigenous populations within our community and beyond. We feel this is more in line with our mission statement. We hope you understand and join us in the commitment to make a more equitable industry.

Our yarn Horizon will maintain the original integrity and quality of Pioneer with a name that embodies a more complete story illustrating our aspiration as a company to making the world better for everyone through textiles.

We hope you will support us through this transition and update and use the hashtag #avfkwhorizon for your past and future projects.

There is a limited amount of this yarn available. We encourage you to purchase all of the yarn required to make your intended project.