52 Weeks of Socks from Laine


52 Weeks of Socks is a beautiful book from Laine. The book contains 52 knitting patterns for socks and slippers. The patterns feature a range of different techniques and textures, such as lace, cables, tuck stitches, colorwork, duplicate stitching and felting. All patterns come in 2 sizes. The book is suitable for both beginners and advanced sock knitters alike, as the difficulty level of patterns varies greatly. And as always in knitting (and in everything in life, really): you learn as you go.

With 256 pages and a weight of 1100g (2.5 lb) this is a hardcover book with a capital B. The woven cover, uncoated paper and a ribbon place marker make it feel extra special - it is an item you want to keep on your coffee table, a book that will make even non-sock knitters want to cast on.

The 46 designers that shared their work to help create this book are: Heidi Alander, Fiona Alice, Gina Baglia, Ainur Berkimbayeva, Katrine Birkenwasser, Karen Borrel, Sachiko Burgin, Diana Clinch, Verena Cohrs, Valentina Consalvi, Rachel Coopey, Nele Druyts, Marion Em, Linsey Fowler, Fabienne Gassmann, Lucinda Guy, Dawn Henderson, Anja Heumann, Tiina Huhtaniemi, Caitlin Hunter, Mieka John, Amanda Jones, Joséphine & the seeds, Pauliina Karru, Isabell Kraemer, Tatiana Kulikova, Joji Locatelli, Erika López, Andrea Mowry, Paula Pereira, Rosa Pomar, Elena Potemkina, Amelia Putri, Emily Joy Rickard, Mona Schmidt, Nataliya Sinelshchikova, Marceline Smith, Minna Sorvala, Helen Steward, Charlotte Stone, Becky Sørensen, Niina Tanskanen, Natalia Vasilieva, Kristine Vejar, Kajsa Vuorela and Mariya Zyaparova.

Kristine, the co-owner of Verb, has two patterns in 52 Weeks of Socks, Mica and Lazy Daisy. Both patterns are designed with the beginning sock knitter in mind - or the experienced sock knitter who would like an easy knit. Knit out of AVFKW Gather, a DK weight yarn, both pairs will knit quickly, and are cozy to wear around the house. We will offer custom kits to go with each of these patterns.

Click here to see the kits for Lazy Daisy.
Click here to see the kits for Mica.

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