Arimatsu Narumi Shibori: Celebrating 400 Years of Japanese Artisan Design

In 1608 eight formerly farming families settled along a stretch of The Tokkaido or 'Eastern Sea Road' connecting Kyoto and Osaka to the new capital, 'Edo,' now known as Tokyo.

Taking up handcraft, they mimicked expensive Kyoto textiles with new techniques that were adapted to achieve less costly results to reach a wide audience of admirers and wearers.

This fascinating DVD documents the work of the Shibori artisans of Arimatsu and Narumi today and shows the ancient techniques of hand Shibori as well as some rarely seem machine-aided Shibori. Twenty artists from the villages of Arimatsu and Narumi demonstrate the most refined Shibori techniques. The most comprehensive overview of Arimatsu shibori available; meticulously detailed recordings of each step in shibori processes as demonstrated by the most expert artisans alive today.  

English and Japanese narration by Yoshiko I. Wada, shibori expert.
Produced by Studio Galli 
Length: 155 minutes
Subtitles in English, Japanese, and Spanish


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