Awagami Indigo-dyed Tray

These beautiful trays are crafted by Awagami artisans using a variety of hand-dyed indigo and natural washi papers. The small tray is often used in Japanese restaurants for money / giving change - we think they are a perfect place to keep your favorite tools by your side. Trays are each coated for added strength and water-resistance. Lovely gifts for the paper and design lover in your life.

Awagami Factory is located in Tokushima, Japan, the birthplace of Japanese indigo where farmers have been cultivating it for centuries. Indigo's humble beauty was revived during the Japanese folk-crafts or ‘Mingei’ movement (1965) and their mill proudly carries on their forefathers indigo tradition. You might be familiar with Tokushima if you are a fan of BUAISOU's work and / or have a copy of Kristine and Adrienne's book, Journeys in Natural Dyeing. Let's just put it this way - this is not any regular indigo, the indigo to create these has been grown, dried, composted, and then fermented. A year long process following the seasons.

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