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Botanical Ink

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Choose the color you'd like to purchase::Rhammus Berries (Buckthorn)
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Local artist Judi Pettite creates this series of inks from plants and fungi. They can be used to write with, or as watercolor paint.

Indigofera Tinctoria - Indigo extract purchased from A Verb for Keeping Warm. Deep navy blues, very light-fast ink.

Juglans Californica - Black Hull California Walnuts from Marin County. An earthy brown with a slight greenish tint, this color is long-lasting and versatile.

Oxalis Stricta (version 2) - Also known as sour grass. Collected locally in the Bay Area. Light orange tones.

Phytolacca Americana - Also known as Pokeweed or Pokeberry. Grows freely in much of the United States and Canada. The berries came from Richmond, California. Magenta color. The longevity of this color is less known. BioHue test samples dating back 8 months show little to no fading, though same may be expected over longer periods of time, depending on conditions.

Pisolithus Arrhizus - Fungi from El Sobrante, California. Golden brown hues, good color retention and light fastness.

Rubia Tinctorum - Made from the roots of the Madder plant. Warm rust tones.

General Directions: Store inks in a cool, dry place. Gently shake ink before using. These waterbased inks can be diluted with water or layered to create deeper colors. When using, pour off desired amount and replace cap. Every effort has been made to retain the integrity of the plant / fungi color in its purest form, artificial preservatives are not used. Refigeration is ok, though not necessary. Do not ingest inks or use for any purpose than drawing or painting. Use acid free paper whenever possible and keep artwork out of direct sunlight.

Each bottle is 1oz.