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Label:Mesa Marble
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Label: Kilim Marble
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Label: Earl Grey Marble
Label: Autumn Light Marble
Label:Beeswax Marble
Label:Buttered Biscuit Marble
Label: Sun-Dappled Marble
Label: Gilded Marble
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Label: Locket
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Label:Succulent Marble
Label:Seedling Marble
Label:Alpine Marble
Label:Lilypad Marble
Label:Topological Marble
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Label:Zinc Marble
Label:Hyacinth Marble
Label:Supernova Marble
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A Verb for Keeping Warm


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100% US Rambouillet wool
50g / 290 yards
Fingering weight
6 1/4 - 7 stitches per inch, US needle 2-4

Flock is cozy, homey, lightweight yarn made from American wool and milled in Vermont. It is made of a single strand of yarn giving it a rustic, handspun feel. That said, the wool used in Flock is soft! The best of both worlds.

Flock is Verb's take on self-striping yarn. The colorways Granite and Sunflower Seed feature wisps of grey and brown wool, respectively, winding around a white core, resulting in long running stripes of white and the colored wool. If you see a colorway with "Marble" in its name, that means it is dyed on Granite or Sunflower Seed and that you will see the same marbling through the dye.

If you are looking for a solid natural color, choose Lighthouse. Colorway names without "Marble" are dyed on Lighthouse.

If the color you want isn't in stock, click here and we will dye it for you.


Flock is best suited for shawls, scarves, cowls, and lightweight sweaters. Because the wool in Flock changes in each edition, due to the slight differences in sheep's wool, each edition of Flock is a little bit unique! Since this yarn is milled and dyed in small batches, please purchase all of the yarn required to make your project.

Flock has been used in a number of patterns, here are some popular options.

If you are looking to knit a lightweight sweater try:
Eva, Olivia, Zoe, or 9-Patch by Julie Weisenberger
Sky Cardi by Carrie Bostick Hoge

These wraps and shawls will keep you warm:
Moving Forward Wrap by Denise Bayron
Sister Cowl by Junko Okamoto
Vidlin Shawl by Gudrun Johnston


Sun-Dappled Marble and Gilded Marble are made using organically, locally-grown marigolds. Hear Lora the farmer on our Reverberate Podcast Ep. 7!

Looking for a heavier yarn made from California wool and milled in America? Check out our other farm yarns: Gather, Horizon, and Dawn.