Merchant and Mills Jacquard Fabrics

Made of layered cotton using a jacquard weave, this fabric resembles a quilted fabric. The top of the fabric is made of fine cotton, the inside of thicker yarns (not batting), and the reverse of gauzy cotton. It is advisable to overlock your cut edges before sewing to prevent fraying. This fabric is pre-washed, you can head straight to sewing. There may be color gradations found over a single piece of fabric.

This fabric can be used to create a jacket typically seen using quilted fabric, like the Grainline Tamarack or the Wiksten Haori. It would also be beautiful sewn into home-wares such as a throw or pillows.

For ease of shopping, we have listed the different styles of Merchant & Mills Jacquard fabrics under one listing. This listing includes the square, diamond, and wobble patterns.

Wash on cool cycle.

Material: 100% cotton
Fabric Width: 47" (120 cm)
Price per 2.5 yard increment: $131.00

This fabric is sold in 2.5 yard increments unless noted. If you would like 5 yards, please order two 2.5 yard increments.

We also have a limited number of 0.5 yard pieces available.