MYak - Baby Yak Medium

MYak - Baby Yak Medium
100% Baby Yak

125 yards / 50g
Worsted weight


Baby yak is the bedrock of MYak. Touching worsted-spun baby yak down is a unique experience: a precious fiber that creates a fabric different from anything else you have ever knitted before. Worsted-spun baby yak down yarn is a luxury fiber that will yield a fabric unlike anything you have knit before. Baby yak has a similar micron count around 17 microns to cashmere. It is warm and lustrous, lightweight and breathable, making it perfect through the seasons.

Baby yak colors are soft, heathered, earth tones combined with dark neutrals and few saturated rich ones. Most yaks are of darker shade, and thus light colors are very rare and even more precious. Warmer than wool, and as soft as cashmere, MYak's 100% baby yak is the right choice if you are looking for a unique, ethically sourced fiber good for you, for the environment and for the community that produce it.

MYak colors are dyed on the natural base, no bleaching or decoloring. 

Patterns we love:
Hipster Shawl by Joji Locatelli
Kola Cabled Sweater by Paola Vanzo
Laurent by Julie Hoover
Moko-Moko Cowl by Olga Buraya-Kefelian
No.9 Sweater by Cocoknits
Venture Hat by Francoise Danoy

Made in Italy.

Vendor Gauge:  18-22 stitches over 4" |  Suggested Needle: US 7-9 (4.5-5.5mm)

*Please note - the color chocolate is deeper and richer than the photo suggests.