No-Slip Hoop for Punch Needle

These hoops are great for your smaller punch needle projects!  They are designed to have a tight grip on your fabric to keep it nice and taught as you work.

We have them available in three different sizes - 5", 7" and 10".

Check out Punch Needle by Arounna Khounnoraj and Modern Rug Hooking by Rose Pearlman to get yourself started. 

We also have Oxford Punch Needles available in two sizes and monk's cloth.

Looking for yarn?  Here's a list of yarns we think would work great for your next project;  AVFKW Dawn, Blue Sky Fiber Organic Cotton Worsted, Farmers Daughter Pishkun DK, Hudson + West Co. Forge, Kelbourne Woolens Germantown and Istex Lopi Lettlopi!

Made in the USA.