Rigid Heddle 101

Instructor: to be determined

You will make a plain-weave scarf on this simple, yet versatile loom. Instruction includes the direct warping method, proper tensioning, and finishing techniques. The class also includes 2 skeins of Sweet Georgia DK (at 15% off!), the perfect yarn for your first rigid heddle weaving. Please remember to arrive 20-30 minutes before class to select your yarn and have it wound before class. 

Course requirements: You must love yarn, but no previous weaving experience is necessary.

What to bring to class:
+ Rigid heddle loom (such as a Schacht Cricket - available to rent)
+ 8 dent heddle
+ Warping peg
+ Warping hook
+ 2 shuttles
+ Tapestry needle
+ Scissors

Students receive 10% off Schacht looms.


Loom Rental Policies:

If you need to rent a Cricket loom for use during class, please add Cricket Loom Rental to your cart along with your class. The rental includes the loom accessories: 8 dent heddle, warping peg, warping hook, and 2 shuttles. The rental rate is reduced for the week that you are participating in the class. If you are interested in renting the loom after the class, the rate is $40 each week.

Upon receiving your rental at the first class, you will need to provide a phone number and credit card number as a deposit for the rental of the loom. In the event that the loom is damaged or not returned to us, you agree to have the cost of the loom charged to your card. 

If you have purchased your own Cricket loom for class, it must be assembled prior to class.

Call the shop with any questions at 510-595-8372.


2 sessions / 3 hr & 1 hr

Class Size:  6 students max.

Date: TBD 
Time: TBD

Class Cost: $126.53
Loom Rental Cost: $15.00


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