Temaricious - Naturally Dyed Embroidery Thread + Temari Ball - New!

Temaricious was founded in 2014 by Naho and Rika. From their Tokyo-based studio, Naho and Rika share their love of temari, decorative balls filled with rice hulls and adorned with strands of naturally-dyed cotton threads, with all. They gather plants from various sources in Japan and naturally dye all thread in their studio. Temari are thought to once be made by Grandmothers for their grandchildren as toys. They make a beautiful gift and are an art form in their own right.

Though Naho and Rika use their cotton thread mainly to decorate temari, this thread can be used for all types of embroidery and visible mending. Please choose from the kits we have created.

Temaricious Embroidery Thread
100% cotton
No. 25 3/6, 13.67 yards (12.5 m)

Also, we have a collection of temari ball forms ready for your design. They are filled with rice hulls and wrapped with thin, naturally-dyed, cotton thread. If you plan to decorate the ball with temari thread, the base foundation from which the geometric shapes are made has been added.


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