Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth
Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth
Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth
Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth
Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth
Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth
Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth
Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Verb x Cocoknits KAL: Ruth

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Join us for our first knit-a-long of 2024: Ruth by Cocoknits!

To receive a FREE Ruth pattern:
1. Purchase a sweater quantity of Bread & Butter Everyday yarn
2. Sign up for the Knit-a-Long



Ruth strikes the balance between sophistication and comfort. It’s a straightforward Cocoknits method pattern with an incorporated collar, but the magic happens when you cross the front collar stitches, transforming it into a streamlined shawl collar pullover. Side vents add to the ease and wearability of the sweater.
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The Ruth pictured is knit out of Bread & Butter Everyday in the colorway Elote. There are many colors to choose from so take a peek! Everyday is made of soft U.S. Merino wool. Each color is blended prior to spinning creating a heathered, gorgeous yarn. 
Allow 3-4" of ease.

Ruth is available in 10 sizes:
35.75 (40.5, 44.25, 48)(51.75, 55.5, 60.25)(64, 67.75, 71.5)

You will need the following number of skeins of Everyday: 
4 (5, 6, 6)(7, 7, 8)(8, 9,9) 


Why participate? 

Knit-a-longs are a great way to learn new skills, learn from others who are also participating, and are very motivating, which means that there is a good chance you will complete your project, and you can win gift cards to Verb!
This is a free, self-guided event.


Starting now - acquire your yarn, needles, and tools 

Feb 2nd - sign-up for the Cocoknits KAL email. Over the next 8 weeks, Cocoknits will send an email with helpful tips and videos on how-to knit a Ruth using the Cocoknits method. 

Feb 9 - Cast-on and complete the shoulder and collar. 

Mid February - Complete the Cocoknits worksheet. 

Late February - early March - Knit and complete the body of the Ruth. 

Mid-late March - Knit and complete the sleeves. 
Voila! Done! Proudly wear your sweater! 


1. Complete your Ruth by the end of March. 
2. Post completed photos to IG and / or to your Ravelry profile. 
3. Use hashtag #Verbalong 
You will be entered to win gift cards at Verb! 
Please do email us with any questions!
- Kristine
        Kristine Vejar is the co-owner of A Verb for Keeping Warm. She is the author of the Modern Natural Dyer and co-author of Journeys in Natural Dyeing. She enjoys discussing textiles and thinking of all the various ways they have touched our lives.