100% Organic Merino
50g / 160 yards
light worsted, 4-5 sts per inch, US needle 5-7

Patterns which use this yarn:
San Pablo Cowl by Huelo Dunn
Iberian Discovery Shawl by Stephen West
Pioneer Cuffs by Ysolda Teague
Lake Merritt Cowl by Huelo Dunn

Morning Coffee by Amy Herzog
Number 9 by Cocoknits


Vintage: 2012 flock / April 2013 sheared / 2013 milled
Viriditas Farm, Brooks, California
Farmer: Sally Fox

Sally Fox's farm is unique in its sole dedication to creating raw materials to make textiles. And to grow them, both wool and cotton, organically. To grow materials for the specific purpose of making textiles, rather than for industrial uses or bedding, means spending much more time tending to fine details; the length of the fiber, cleanliness, and yield, so that the materials work well with the machinery, and will make a long-lasting and beautiful shirt or sweater. Sally has given great care to raising the sheep used in Pioneer, in turn, making a beautiful base for which we could make this yarn.

This yarn is the second, in hopefully a long line of yarn made with California wool. It forms the basis of The California Wool Project, our attempt to revitalize the California wool industry. In 2012, in Northern California, over 8000 pounds of wool fleece was discarded. In asking ourselves how we could participate, we created our 1st yarn line, Pioneer, in hopes of many more, made with California wool. Our goal is to support farmers, US mills, and to create a yarn, year after year, which yields 5 stitches per inch for the perfect sweater.

There is a limited amount of this yarn available. We encourage you to purchase all of the yarn required to make your intended project.