The Dye Garden

A Verb for Keeping Warm features a lively dye garden on the store's back patio. We grow most of the plants from seed in the Spring. Adrienne Rodriguez teaches a dye gardening class in Summer that incorporates the backyard bounty. We use the garden to educate local school children, customers, and interested folks in our neighborhood.  AVFKW also offers a seasonal batch of yarn dyed with the plants as well!  We encourage you to stop by and orient yourself with the possibilities of natural dyes.

We have an expanding year round dye garden that includes:

Yarrow  Yarrow and "Day of the Dead" Marigold

  Indigofera tinctoria and Madder

  Marigolds and Polygonum

  Woad and Weld

Maroon Coreopsis and Tickweed

  Dahlia and Hopi Black Dye Sunflower