Stitch Exchange: 3 Year Anniversary Party!

On Sunday, November 10th, we celebrated our 3 year anniversary in our San Pablo Avenue location. Moving to this location meant that we would have the space to hold classes, invite teachers from around the world to broaden our textile-making-garment-making skills, house the materials and patterns needed to inspire and make accessories and clothing, and last but certainly not least the space to host our students and customers. We asked people to bring in an object they made from materials sourced from Verb. Here are just a few of the beautiful pieces and the people who made them! I am so proud. Beyond the fact that they are wearing what they made, I adore seeing their faces light-up when talking about their process of making and when showing what they have made.

I drew this design for a special project bag made for our anniversary. I incorporated the 3 things that anchor Verb: knit fabric, woven fabric, and a blank space to apply dye. I started an indigo vat and helped people dip their project bags.


We re-released Horizon. People were carrying bundles of it. Better yet, people were wearing sweaters made out of Horizon! Sally, the farmer, and her daughter, Marcella, came for the afternoon. It was wonderful to have them with us.

Huelo designed a new pattern using Horizon called Lake Merritt. For a limited time, this pattern is free with the purchase of a kit.

Other than that, just an all around beautiful day, people streaming through the door, hugging one another, learning about each others projects.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the party - and to those who could not be at the party - though support Verb in so many other ways. I am so very grateful. You have helped me to achieve the dream of having a shop and an occupation within the subject of and making of textiles - my very favorite thing.