In the Dye Studio: Mendocino Wool & Fiber Indiegogo Campaign

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Sarah, Adrienne, Chris, and I traveled to Point Reyes Station last Saturday to attend the Fibershed's 2nd Fine Wool & Fiber Symposium. It was tremendous to think about everything that has transpired over the last year since the last symposium. In particular for us, it was at the last symposium that I met Sally Fox for the first time, and began to develop Horizon.

In terms of the community, Matt Gilbert, one of the most prolific shearers in Northern California, spoke at last year's event about shearing and about building a mill - which we so desperately need in this area. And this year, he announced the start of his indie-go-go campaign for the mill!

I am so excited for Matt. He has worked really hard on writing a business plan. He is in escrow right now for a new home and building where the mill will be housed.

If Matt receives the funding to build this mill, we will be able to send wool just up the road, about 100 miles from here, to be washed, carded, and spun into yarn. This means that it will be better for the environment than us shipping the wool 2000-6000 miles round trip. It will also save on the the expense of shipping the fleece and all of its grease to the Midwest or East Coast. By saving on these expenses, it means that it is more likely we will be able to continue making yarn from local fiber producers' wool.

It means that we will have more jobs created in this region related to the production of materials made to make textiles.

And it means that we invest in one of the best things of all - wool. I hope if this kind of thing interests you - and you would like to see the local textile market grow and flourish that you will consider making a contribution - even if it is a small contribution. Every penny counts!