In the Dye Studio: The Possible

In February, an amazing exhibition opened at the Berkeley Art Museum called The Possible.

I have participated in the exhibition by advising, creating, and collaborating (with Tessa of ogaard) in the creation of an indigo vat - using indigo grown in California by Rebecca Burgess. This vat is made using the traditional Japanese method of composting indigo on a special earthenware floor, creating water from hardwood ash, and combining the composted indigo with this water and allowing it to ferment. There are three vats currently up and running in use. They are huge! 75 gallons each - which makes it possible to dip large pieces of fabric.

As part of the exhibition, Creative Growth, a facility which caters to artists with developmental disabilities to have a space and support in which to create art, held their annual fashion show. Each year the artists spend sometimes up to a year making a garment for the fashion show. I had the opportunity to collaborate with them by using rice paste as a resist to create patterns and textures upon fabric. Then, I dipped the fabric into the indigo vat at the museum. I also dyed washed fleece in the indigo vats. This fleece and fabric turned into a collection of headpieces worn by the models in the fashion show. Both professional models and the designers walked in the fashion show. Pictured above is just one of the many amazing designers featured in the show.

The exhibition is open until the end of May.