Stitch Exchange: Uptown Top Out of Wool Jersey

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I have been sewing my fall wardrobe over the last few weeks and I am really excited with how it's developing! 

This is our Uptown Top pattern sewn in a lovely wool jersey (also available as a download here). This month, I am teaching a class on sewing with knits, and I chose this pattern because of the drape and the ease with which it sews up. Students will learn to sew with knits on a straight stitch machine using a small zigzag stitch. I'm really looking forward to the class, and being able to squelch people's fears about sewing with knits. I'm also looking forward to some cooler weather so I can wear this top!

I love the stripes and how they emphasize the architecture of the top. This garment is what I think of as a "blank canvas"; it looks totally different depending on the fabrication you pick. You can sew it out of light weight silks and cottons, khadi cloth, or, for the winter, wool knits or flannels!

When thinking about curating a winter wardrobe, I think about my favorite garments to wear: jeans and big sweaters!  The combination of an over-sized top with a flattering drape sewn in a wool jersey makes this a perfect staple garment for me.

We have many other knits that would be great for this top. From left to right the fabrics above are: silk jersey print from Feral Childe, 100% wool jersey in cream and gray stripe, and soy and organic cotton french terry. Any of these would create a great and unique top that is sure to become a staple in your winter wardrobe!

What are you excited about making for your fall wardrobe? Comment below or come in and tell us in person.

Happy sewing!