Textile Byways: Montana 2014 Wrap-Up

Thanks for joining us on our first edition of Textile Byways - and for coming along on this journey through Montana. If you have been on a journey recently, which took you off the beaten path, where you have found textiles and met the people who have made them, get in touch, we would love to feature your story!

We have dyed more of Clover - which is now available on our website. Also, in the next couple of weeks, we will release another Montana Targhee yarn - stay tuned for details.

Next week on the blog, it is back to life in the big city. We have a new cowl pattern to share with you.

I will leave you with this. The town Big Timber is the gateway to Sweet Grass County. Here is a mural found in the center of town.


So much love for Montana and wool.