How to Dye with Mushrooms! Mycopigments for Dyes with Alissa Allen - Sat, Dec 6th or Sun, Dec 7th

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Don't miss this exciting opportunity to take a class by mushroom dyer Alissa Allen.  If you have had any desire to learn more about the world of mushrooms this is a good place to start.  Not only are some mushrooms edible some give colorfast results on wool and silk.  The exciting thing about this particular class is you will be able to dye with many types of mushrooms and get a wide range of colors.  You will not believe your eyes!  Join me in welcoming back Alissa Allen and the rainy season ahead filled with beautiful mushrooms!


Mycopigments for Dyes with Alissa Allen 

Sat, Dec 6th or Sun, Dec 7th

Class Description:

Many wild mushrooms contain permanent, intensely colored dyes, and every region has its own palette of mushroom and lichen dyes! This 4 hour class takes an in-depth look at using local wild mushrooms as sustainable, safe dye sources.

We will be working primarily with wool and silk fiber. Starting with 10-12 different species, with the addition of safe mordants and pH modifiers, we end up with about 20 colors in all. This rainbow of samples will be showcased on a detailed recipe card, listing the fungi and all assists used in class.

Students will also get the chance to practice shibori on a silk scarf, which will be provided.

Students will also receive a procedural handout to guide future exploration, and a customized guide to local dye fungi.

This workshop covers all aspects of getting started with mushroom and lichen dyes and leaves the student with the tools to carry on their own exploration!

Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn more about the brilliant natural dye sources in your backyard!

No experience required. 

Materials included: a silk scarf, yarn samples, dyestuffs

Materials required: rubber gloves. 

Date: Saturday, December 6th
Time: 1-5pm


Date: Sunday, December 7th

Time: 1-5pm




 Photographs by Alissa Allen