Holiday Stitch Exchange: Announcing Big Sky

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Oh! Am I ever excited! Never at Verb have we been able to find the perfect thick, chunky yarn - and now we have one - Big Sky (160 y / 100g)

I adore thick, chunky yarn - I like the texture when knit. I like that it knits up fast. In one afternoon, you can have a hat or a cowl. We use thick yarn in the shop when teaching beginner's. It is as important to learn to knit - as it is to have the gratification of wearing a handknit.

Just like Clover, Big Sky is made from the Greene Ranch's Targhee wool and has gone through the mule-spinning process.

Right now, there are nine naturally-dyed colors available. We are getting another shipment of this yarn soon - and I will dye more colors when it arrives.

I am hoping to have an indigo session mid-December - and to release a bunch of indigo dyed yarn and fabric.

Tomorrow on Holiday Stitch Exchange: I am releasing a brioche cowl pattern. It calls for one skein of Big Sky. Something to look forward to...

In the meantime - TODAY only - FREE SHIPPING on all goodies stocked in the Verb online store. Enter WARMTH as the coupon code.

Sending love, warmth, and gratitude!