In the Dye Studio: The Modern Natural Dyer goes to NY

Absolutely, one of the most exciting things about the release of my new book, The Modern Natural Dyer, is that Adrienne and I get to travel to New York for book-signings, trunk shows, and a workshop. We are already making a big ol' stack of goodies to show those who come. We are going to meet my Mom, flying from Minnesota, and my Aunt Mary, flying from Washington DC. We are renting a car and heading to the Hudson Valley where we are staying at what look's-to-be the cutest organic farm.

The reason we are headed to the Hudson Valley: to attend the nation's largest wool and sheep show - New York Sheep and Wool! Referred to as Rhinebeck by wool devotees, thousands of people come to share their love for all things woolly. We have always wanted to attend Rhinebeck being the mecca that it is. I am finding it somewhat surreal that we get to go - and that we are going because I have written a book. I will be signing books all day Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18, at the Merrit Bookstore booth. We have a very fun and interactive gift we are giving to everyone who pre-orders The Modern Natural Dyer from Verb. We are including this gift with books sold through Merrit. I will have a few pieces from the book with me. If you are attending NY Sheep and Wool, I hope you will stop by!

On Monday, October 19, we head back to Manhattan to Textile Arts Center aka TAC. I will have a fabulous trunk show featuring projects in my book and examples of dye. I will do demonstrations of natural dyeing. And I will be signing and selling books. I am so excited to visit the Textile Arts Center. Similar to Verb, they offer a wide array of classes devoted to teaching textile technique: weaving, sewing, knitting, embroidery, and my favorite, a wide range of dyeing and surface design classes. They also offer an artist in residency program, so whether you are an artist, or want to see art made with fiber as the focal point, Textile Arts Center is the place to be - and I am so excited to go!

The actual release date of The Modern Natural Dyer is October 20, Tuesday. We will go to Abrams / STC, my publisher, to lead a mini natural dyeing workshop. I am looking forward to meeting the wonderful people who have I have been speaking with via email and the phone for the past two years, in real life.

On my final full day in New York, Wednesday Oct 21, I visit someplace very fun - a place I am so looking forward to going - Haven's Kitchen. This is a cooking school. I love to cook. And I love to think about cooking, in terms of process, in juxtaposition to dyeing. Haven's Kitchen is giving me the opportunity to explore natural dyeing in their kitchen. I am leading a workshop called The Modern Natural Dyer - Dyes from the Kitchen. I will show you dyes commonly found in the pantry, or widely available in the market. We will also explore how to to overdye table linens with natural dyes. Table linens, typically made of plant-based fibers, like linen and cotton, can be tricky to work with, so I will give tips and tricks. This is a great way to see the process of natural dyeing in real life and to learn how to give slightly worn linens a new, updated look.

We fly back to California early Thursday morning - and begin to prepare for The Modern Natural Dyer book release party at Verb!

I hope if you are on in the area, you will attend one or more of these upcoming events. I would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have about the natural dyeing process - or chat about really anything that has to do with making and fiber.


Coming up: One of the most exciting things about traveling is deciding what to make to wear.

The Modern Natural Dyer is now available as a pre-order.