Sometimes at Verb We Dye

One of the very special things about Verb, is that we have an in-house natural dyeing studio.

When Kristine decided to build the current shop and studio, she did so with the intention that we could all share in the dyeing experience.  Both inside and outside the shop, we have room for creating everything from deep, madder reds, to bright indigo blues. Kristine has been doing production natural dyeing for the past 5 years. She'll share tips and tricks for obtaining a wide range of colors, creating light-fast colors, and striving for reproducible colorways.


This Saturday, January 7th, Kristine is teaching: 

By understanding the basics of the natural dyeing process, you will be able to use the studio during lab hours, and to attend future dyeing classes teaching advanced techniques - such as over-dyeing and creating variegated yarns


Also, on the 3rd Sunday of every month, Kristine will warm the indigo pots, and give you the chance to dye with the beautiful shade of indigo blue. While she maintains the pots, you get to dip yarn, fiber, or fabric shades of beautiful indigo blue. This is called Indigo Labs.

To read more about the classes, and to sign-up, please go here.