TTYT: Knitting with Alpaca Fiber

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HI Everyone! 

Last night was our first meeting of TTYT (Third Thursday Yarn Testers). The focus of or work was on alpaca fiber.


Class members received 4 samples (from top to bottom): Shibui 100% Alpaca, Fibre Co. Terra, Isager Alpaca 1, A Verb for Keeping Warm Floating. Off the bat, everyone started to knit their samples into swatches. We discussed the animal, its various natural shades, how it is sheared, characteristics of the alpaca fiber, how it is milled, how it knits, and about the companies who make these yarns. We explored the various yarns at Verb that include alpaca fiber - everything from 100% alpaca to 20% alpaca - and how the addition of other materials, such as wool, and silk affect the knitted fabric. We talked about gauge, and how knitting up a needle size of down a needle size would affect the fabric. We looked at a wide range of knit samples and discussed their properties.

While everyone is free to do what they like with their samples. A great way to use them, is to make a 4x4" swatch book as a reference guide to learning about fabric, texture, drape, and to use when embarking on a larger project. We are in the process of creating professional knitters! ;) 

 Plus, the Testers received a coupon for 15% off all yarns included in the sampling.

As this is an ongoing class, we discussed future topics - which will include sheep breeds (that in itself could be 2-3 classes), cellulose (another 2-3 classes), superwash yarns, variegated yarns, focusing on specific companies we carry at Verb, and more!

 I hope you will decide to join us for February's TTYT!  Topic to be announced soon! Whatever it is, I guarantee it will be informative and fun!

-- Kristine