The Felt Cervix Project

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By Guest Blogger Sonya Philip



My name is Sonya Philip, I'm a fiber artist, and my work mainly centers around knitting and felting. I came up with the idea of making a cervix in 2009, after an abnormal pap smear. During my furtive research in between appointments I was struck by how cute a cervix was - like a glazed pink doughnut. My first attempt was with wet felting and proved time consuming to make. I had wanted to create a large pile and knew I couldn't do it on my own. After settling upon the idea of knitting and and fulling, I wrote up a pattern, and the concept of The Felt Cervix Project developed as a collaborative art installation.

The project aims to highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive familiarity, education and empowerment.
So often when women's health is talked about, it's in a classroom or doctor's office or inside government buildings. And even then it's talked about in a largely obtuse manner. 

On Sunday, February 12th, I will be in the store to help with the pattern and it's my hope, that through gathering together to knit, we can bring about the intimacy and intention of shared knowledge through shared stories. 

Also at Verb on Sunday: Steffy Sue on the Ukebox! Love songs upon request! 


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