Stitches West 2012: Chapter One

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Every February, we attend the largest cash-and-carry yarn convention in the U.S, Stitches West. This is our fifth year and we did things a bit differently. We had two booths. I shared my space with Rosemary Hill of Designs by Romi.

Since Romi is a (fabulous) designer, we decided to knit as many of her patterns as possible, given time allowed, in Verb yarns. I think the effect was quite stunning. Working with Romi gave me the opportunity to focus which I really enjoyed.

Fiori di Sole, Shimmering Tussah, Nugget

Taygete, Creating, Magic Bean and The French Monk's Finest

We re-released a Verb classic, Annapurna and added a new yarn, Even Tinier Annapurna. We are nearly sold out of both yarns, as soon as we re-dye it, we will release it on our website. For any of the yarn / colorways, you can always special order them if we are out of stock, just call the shop.

Madrona, High Twist, Transnational Fury & Elektra, Even Tinier Annapurna, Shortcake 

Bitterroot, Handspun Camel-Silk, Glenda & Erato, Floating, Taboo

Calliope's Odyssey, Annapurna, My Hand & Yours, Indigo Blue Sky

Polyhymnia's Triangle, Creating, My Hand & Yours, Genmaicha

Adrienne's mushroom dyed yarn. Hunt & Gather.

Romi's handmade shawl pins

Since Romi uses beads in her patterns, we were inspired to carry them in the shop. We also carry the teeny tiny crochet hooks.

Asterope, High Twist, Purrrfect Meow

My Mom came to help! Her she is with Romi. xx!!

All of the above yarns and patterns are available in the shop. 

This year Stitches West had a contest for the prettiest booth. Guess what? We won!! Thank you to everyone who shopped at our booth, to our amazing sample knitters, to our great staff for pulling together and making this happen, and to the teachers at Stitches West who voted for our booth!!

I still have 2 more chapters of Stitches West to share with you. Stay tuned!!