Seam Allowance: Make Your Own Clothing

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Hi Everyone,

This Summer I am focusing on a project called Seam Allowance.

This is the goal or pledge to make 25% of my clothing that I wear on a daily basis. I would like to invite you to join me.

I hope to plan a number of events around the act of making my own clothing, gatherings to knit sweaters / sew tops, skirts, dresses, etc. Some of the events will be free to the public, others will be a suggested donation, and there will be those which will have a fee.

If you have been in the shop lately, you probably have noticed that we are starting to overlap crafts, knitting and sewing, dyeing and knitting, surface design and sewing. In my mind, this is always how the crafts have lived. It has been very meaningful for me to see them come alive in real time, and to work with others. We are turning in a center for textiles, and the creation of them. Thank you!

I am curious to see how far the process will go. I suspect I will see people who will make more than 25% of their everyday wardrobe. I imagine I will see people go deeper into the clothing they make, perhaps adding a process like dyeing. Perhaps a knitter will learn to sew, or vice versa. I could see someone weaving their own cloth, and sewing it into a garment.

I would like to do a series of interviews on the Verb blog, of people who like me, have decided to share this goal. I would like to record why people find this goal intriguing, why it speaks to them. Is it aesthetics, the support of skill, technique and craft, for political reasons, ethical reasons, the act of gathering?

I will post upcoming events and gatherings here and on Ravelry.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, if you are interested, and how you are interested. :)

 -- Kristine