Stitches West 2013: Our Best Yet

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Wow! We made it through another Stitches West - and this was our 5th Stitches West and best one yet. 

We had a wide variety of colorways, in sweater quantities, of even our most difficult-to-obtain naturally dyed colorways. Look at that array of indigo! These skeins go through at least 8-9 processes to obtain these colors.

In addition to dyeing yarn, we indigo dyed using a number of resist dyeing techniques a lot of fabric which we incorporated into the booth. If you look behind our Verb banner, there is an example. Also, I had started a hand-piecing hexagon project last Summer, didn't really know where it was going, and suddenly, it appeared to me that it would like great as part of the backdrop for the Verb banner. 


Once again, we teamed up with Romi, to great success. We knit even more samples out of her beautiful patterns. She graciously altered a few of her patterns to accommodate our yarn. There is now a 2-color Misselthwaite. And a 3-color Carson. But wait, that's not all. Romi created a pack of 3 patterns, short, elegant, and to the point, called Punctuate, all which use Annapurna and Even Tinier Annapurna. Then, she also created a Mystery Shawl KAL! This really got everyone excited. We created kits specially for Stitches West attendees, and for the first time ever, to include those who could not make it to the show, the first Virtual West Stitches West. You can still get in on the mystery shawl fun! We have the yarn Romi uses in the shawl for sale in our webstore. And you can find the pattern here.

Even though we were faced with having to re-do our booth once again due to a change in direction and placement, we rose to the occasion, added more plants than last year, and other fine details which helped us win, once again, the Best-Looking Booth. Thanks to all the teachers who voted for our booth!! We try to our best to create a beautiful oasis amongst the chaos that is the wonderful Stitches West.