Up and Coming: Year 4 of Pro-Verbial Is Here!

Grand Lake, designed by Kristen Hanley-Cardozo for Pro-Verbial

There are many reasons why Kristine founded Verb. A big reason is to keep the traditional skills of fiber arts alive, by supplying high-quality materials and tools to the Bay Area craft community, and share our skills, by offering classes for all levels of fiber artists. Another reason is to give crafters the resources they need, to make informed, conscientious choices about the items they buy, make and wear. But another reason, of course, is pure fun and creativity. Knitting, natural dyeing, spinning, sewing, or any fiber craft should always be a pleasurable creative outlet for the maker. As the slow textile movement grows, more people can make a living doing what they love, whether it’s natural dyeing, growing raw materials, or creating beautiful designs for those materials.

Blue Whale, Stephen West's design for Pro-Verbial 2010-11

One way we pay tribute to the fun, spontaneous side of the making process is with our yarn and fiber clubs, like Pro-Verbial. Pro-Verbial members receive four shipments a year, of Verb yarns in exclusive colorways designed by Kristine, and patterns by some of our favorite designers, also exclusive for club members. It’s a fun creative outlet, for Kristine in the dye studio, for the designers, and, of course, for members. Current members of Pro-Verbial can sign up for our next year of shipments right now. We’re offering coupons and all sorts of fun secret surprises for returning members who sign up early. New members can sign up starting August 1st, until the end of the month or until the club fills up.

Over the last three years, it’s been so exciting to see what designers come up with using our yarns.

Cocoknits' Lorene for Pro-Verbial 2012-13, and Ysolda Teague's Marin for Pro-Verbial 2011-12

We’ve already spent months planning our next year of Pro-Verbial, and we’re so excited for what’s in store. Since the last three years have been such a success, we’re hoping to offer even more surprises for Year 4 members. We’ve got tons of ideas; we might include a special free gift, or release an extra little design, or we might somehow incorporate the California Wool Project. We’ll just have to see what the coming year brings...

Tomorrow, I’m starting a series of designer showcases especially for Pro-Verbial. I’ll profile the four talented people who are designing patterns for Year 4, starting with Bristol Ivy of Where the Red-Winged Blackird Flies. If you want to know all the details, and sign up for Pro-Verbial yourself, check out our club page, and our discussion thread on Ravelry. Sign-ups for new members open August 1st. -HD