Stitch Exchange: Pro-Verbial Presents Carrie Sullivan

This week, we present another designer in this year's line-up of the Pro-Verbial Yarn and Fiber Club: local-girl-made-good Carrie Sullivan.

As a knitter and a designer, Carrie truly has something for everyone. She's a fun, lively writer on her blog, We Do Not Have a Knitting Problem. She designs lovely patterns, for the averagely adventurous knitter. Her writing prowess follows her to the design studio, and her patterns are always fun to follow, and clearly written. Although she describes herself as "sock-obsessed," Carrie designs a wide range of knitwear, from socks to shawls, hats and mitts. I love her lace patterns: simple enough for lace novices, but beautiful and with plenty to engage and challenge the knitter. She places these elegant motifs within classic, flattering shapes, triangle shawls, cozy caps, and of course, cute socks.

When Carrie's not designing, teaching, or blogging, she runs a clinic for children with autism here in the Bay Area. A knitter, and an active local community leader: what's not to love?

We're looking forward to something great from Carrie Sullivan for Pro-Verbial Year 4. Perhaps, like Big Trees, it will be inspired by the Northern California landscape. I particularly love the Sleepy Hollow cap, and its densely meandering stitch pattern. Whether Carrie's Pro-Verbial creation has cables, lace, or both, it's sure to be a fun pattern, something knitters of all levels and tastes will love to make, and wear.

New members can sign up for Year 4 of Pro-Verbial by clicking here. It's going to be a great year!!