In the Dye Studio: Love Fiber? We have you covered!

This past week in the dye studio has been a busy one. After being on vacation and then working on organization and infrastructure of the shop and dye studio, I am finally back to the dye pots.

One thing you may have noticed if you have been in the shop over the past six months is that I haven't been dyeing a lot of spinning / felting fiber. It's not for a lack of love. One of the difficult decisions of my job, is that when I go to dye with the few hours I have at the dyepots, I need to choose that which has the broadest reach and appeal. As both spinners and knitters can both use yarn, yarn wins. The ultimate dream would be to have a staff that works in the dye studio, and to have dyeing assistants who could run some of the dyepots, increasing production, and allowing us to make more things - such as naturally dyed fiber. Though for the moment, what we do have, which is great, and can satisfy your craving for Verb fiber is our monthly fiber club, Essential Luxury. Sign-ups for this club just happen to be open at this very minute.

Here are some photos of the most recent shipment of Essential Luxury - featuring 50% merino and 50% silk - indigo, logwood, and fustic.

I love Essential Luxury because it gives me at least a few hours a month working with one of my favorite materials, fiber - and a wide array at that - everything from the basic but beautiful, blue-faced leicester to the ever so fluffy and light baby camel and silk. Perhaps if you are looking for fiber, you will join us.

And in the meantime, I will keep working on organizing the dye studio, giving it a better infrastructure, and bringing more naturally dyed fiber to the shop. We also have a wide range of naturally colored fibers available. Ok! Better get back to it!

p.s. In case you need a little more eye candy, Stephen West just released a new sweater pattern, Banaue Breeze, using Even Tinier Annapurna. Our shelves are pretty low at the moment, though check back Thursday, and we should have a wide array of colors.