Up & Coming: Brooklyn Tweed's Habitat Cable Hat class with Chris

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Hey all

It’s Chris here making my inaugural blogpost!  I’ve met some awesome Verb folks through Commuknitty Stitch on Thursdays. And for those of you whom I haven’t met yet, I mostly work in the dye studio. If you have peeked past the register into the dye studio this year and seen some random dude back there manhandling a bucket of Reliquary II, that dude is me!  But Kristine didn’t hire me just for the heavy lifting, I am also a long-time maker and skill-sharer.  And I have a special place in my heart for knitting, especially men’s garments. In fact, I will be teaching a class called Cabled Hat Skills with Habitat on September 8th.

I love the Habitat pattern!  It’s one of Brooklyn Tweed’s first patterns. And not only does it show off a handsomely textural and timeless cable motif, but it really takes advantage of Shelter’s most unique property as a woolen spun yarn: loft. Loft gives a yarn warmth due to the extra air captured between the fibers and also a springy quality that helps the fabric retain shape. That springy quality also helps the yarn stretch when needed, as with cables. To prove it, I will show students how to use Shelter with Habitat’s cables and, even, how to cable without a cable needle. Magic? Nah. Totally doable.

Shelter can do it! You can do it!  And, as an added bonus, I’ll show you how to use duplicate stitch to embellish the cables. Using duplicate stitch is a great way to introduce a complementary, analogous, or pop color to any project and really helps cables, in particular, stand out.  Plus, learning duplicate stitch will help you better understand how your stitches are formed which, in turn, will help with fixing mistakes in the future.  This class is a good way to expand or improve your technical skill-set while making a nice product as your reward at the end of your process.

Even if you’re already an expert with cables, Habitat is a great introductory project to learn all about how Shelter behaves as a yarn. It only takes one skein and requires minimal time commitment as far as knitting projects go. Plus, it’s about time to get started on holiday gift knitting anyway, right?

Still not convinced? Sheesh. Talk about a hard sell... Come by the shop to fondle the sample I made for Verb.

And for more on Shelter, see Clara Parkes’ blogpost about it

Cabled Hat Skills with Habitat
Instructor: Chris Roncal
Sunday, Sept 8

As as student in this class, you receive 15% off class materials.

Hope to see you in class!


P.S. We are hosting 2 Brooklyn Tweed trunk shows at the end of September: Men 2013 and Fall 2013. The Fall 2013 collection is coming out very soon. We are the first to showcase this new collection. Plus, purchase yarn to knit one of the the patterns in either of these collections, and receive 10% the yarn.
September 21-29.

I bet you’ll find something you like.