Stitch Exchange: Brooklyn Tweed Trunk Shows at Verb

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We just received two trunk shows from Brooklyn Tweed, Men 2013 and Fall 2013. They are gorgeous.

As I've been cruising my guilty pleasure, Pinterest, I've come across all sorts of sweaters I am dying to make. The classic, and all updated renditions, of the cream, heavily cabled Aran sweater sits front and center on my Fall sweater knitting schedule. I'll take a cardigan and a pullover.

So it's only natural that a box full of cabled goodness arrived at our doorstep to tempt me. The best part, the sweaters are here to try on, so I, and you, can get a sense of sizing, and of the squishy, woolly fabric.

As soon as the box arrived, I tore it open, and threw on the Timberline - chock full of cables, a big over-sized cozy sweater. I'm heading to Vancouver in 2 weeks, where in my best guess, it will feel like Fall. I want this sweater to wear. I don't think I can knit it in time - though I can dream.

I love neutrals - but never fear if you like color - we have plenty of that - in samples and in Shelter yarn.

Click here to learn more about the trunk shows.

Hope to see you soon!